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PHPFusion 9.x Development Plan - WiP

Last updated on
FalkSuper Admin
DISCLAIMER : This is only a draft. Items may increase or decrease.

Develop an automatic version checker and a remote update / patch system for PHPFusion Versions.
· a Version checker can be sufficient as first release. Perhaps a top bar notification in Admin. ( Done ).

· All text forms need to be able to handle paste file from clipboard / drag and drop.

Boiler Engine
· Complete and implement The Boiler Engine for full framework flexibility. To Enable switching between Bootstrap, Semantic UI etc etc, system wide. ( Semi Done ).

Hooks System
· Complete and implement The Hooks System. ( Done ).

Develop and implement a Core based Tag system
· Suggesting Toxi Method with a 3 table solution, it is supposed to be the fastest in most scenarios
· This need to be a global API similar to Comment´s , display_tags(tag_id,item_id,type, etc, etc), save_tags(), edit_tags() , update_tags() functions.

Develop and implement a Core based Action Log System
· save_user_action(user_id,where(Blog,News,Members - ETC),action(Delete, Add, Ban, Edit - ETC),date);
· A complete Administration tab for this system with filters and history

Document saver function with history options
· save_document(user_id, type,data);
· Automatically save your work in a history table with hierarchy (main_item_id > session_id > history) as you type on a timed interval if computer crashes or you make a mistake.
· Every time an edited document is saved we create a snapshot in the history table of the old document that can be restored to a previous content.

Develop and implement Integrated Help Systems
· Automated Tutorials and Guides integrated in the Administration

Increment Comment system to allow more interaction
· Vote up and vote down
· Replying to comments
· Direct capture of images ( Paste to field and it auto uploads )

Add Tesseract´s file browser system as a replacement of current file browser. ( DONE )

Find ways to allow more types of WYSIWYG editors to be used globally as plugins

home.php only account for News,Blog,Articles & Downloads while it excludes Forums,Gallery FaQ, Weblinks and Polls.
· Forum will display a nice latest threads panel once enabled so for that Module it is not needed.
· Gallery, Weblinks & FAQ should be treated as all the other sections.
· Create a Core API for Infusions that scans the installed Infusions folder for API content and populates a MVTed home.php with it.
· The MVTed home.php default box can be similar to News Boxes and have a nice top bar GFX for each section.
· The API controls number of items to list, char lenghts to use on an Infusion level while the Theme controls the layout via the MVT system.

includes/ip_handling_include.php are redirecting banned people to google per default
· Create a separate MVT - landing page for these similar to maintenance.php that let´s people know that they are banned, include even temp bans etc and how to appeal the ban

Make The Administration 100% Multilingual
· Remove all Database Locale inserts system wide and only use locale files for everything to achive the above.
Smoothest method might be to separate db_admin and Infusions admin. Make a new Admin for Core > db_core_admin. Leave Infusions and we prevent Infusions API re-write. ( Done ).

Time Date Settings
· Add customization options for Registration dates ( profile ), visit dates, Blog dates.

Database support
· Add $settings['mysql_port'] ( Done )
· Full Support for MariaDB ( Done )
· Check the MYSQLi Driver Core Driver ( Semi-Done )

[Custom Pages]
Need to be more completed & more tested
· Calculate ID so options are available for new pages as well as editing.
· A more complete Administration interface where we can arrange scanned content in real time with customized sections and background images for each section as an extension of the Theme Engine.
· Add some default layout templates for users to load.

· Add a comprehensive error handler report system that reports what went wrong and why something failed Infuse attempts.

· The live preview system our News have is needed here as well
· Definable panel width´s. Support both % and pixels

· Search modules should be able to reside and be scanned in each installed Infusion/Panel folder ( Done )
· Permalink modules should be able to reside and be scanned in each installed Infusion/Panel folder. ( Done )
· Print need a new API such as search where we put a module in each Infusion/Panel folder and scan it for a print plugin

includes/core_mlang_hub is used to set the correct site language for requested content with out redirections if linked to non default language contents
· We need an API for each installed Infusion/Panel folder that contains required configuration, perhaps like BBCodes but on Infusion level with interface options.

· Today the settings are today defined in maincore.php, $settings have been prepared to not be global, amend and remove all the globals from maincore.php ( Semi-Done )
· Complete the fusion_get_locale function so we can call it in one line like, fusion_get_locale("", NEWS_LOCALE); ( Done )
· Specific Core Infusions and their respective db definitions should be separated from this file for each Infusion that acts as Infusion. ( Done )

The Administration need to have a new Tools section containing a minimum of,
· Optimize database tool
· Malicious code scanner ( base64 injections in images as trojans etc etc )
· Clean error logs
· Clean user logs
· Scan for possible duplicate user accounts ( by IP )
· Remove unapproved members
· Recount site wide ordering
· Delete messages older than xx
· Delete forum posts older than xx
· Delete news older than xx
· Delete articles older than xx
· Fix Database character´s function found in upgrade commented out, good when switching hosts etc as well.
· Site Map XML Generator
· Add some spam poison scripts to enable on home
· .htaccess editor, with some appliable examples, force www or http, force https , rewrite rule examples etc.
· Stats, overall site stats that can be fun to read
· and ?

implement a better overview and more advanced tools that includes some of the functionality user_control Addon brings for the members administration area
· implement Early Tesseract´s overview for Admins
· implement Early Tesseract´s overview for Users
· implement Early Tesseract´s searchbar for all

See Account Center here for a memory update : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/news/news.php?readmore=587

· Auto check name availability upon registration with suggestions if taken (Semi-Done)

Continue the work for User Groups that was started in Early Tesseract
· Make groups work with logo´s their own spaces and people can ask to sign up for them, See User Groups here for a memory update : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/news/news.php?readmore=587

Automatic password generator
· We have all seen em, simply have one with a copy to clipboard function
· For registration and edit profiles for pw change and admin edit
· Copy function to this generator

Change Name Feature for users
· Auto check name availability and allow a name change if available

Safe / Unsafe password gauge meters
· Measure all password strengths - Registration and Profile updates.

Support more advanced user names
· There are no more non UTF-8 limitations for chars, we should allow many special chars ( Done )

Support for more advanced passwords
· Less more limitations for chars used for passwords

Make a member options overlay function that contains some basic shortcuts to member options for Admins
· Edit
· Ban + options
· General member info

Optimize ban tools
· IP + email + user name ban combines in one button for example

Finalize the user´s blacklist features
· Each user should have the option to manage their blacklist
· Each user that is blacklisted from another user should be totally invisible in all areas and vice versa, a function not totally unlike the multilingual query is needed to add in areas if importance
· Comments
· Forums
· Users online
· Last seen
· Private Messages
· etc

Name reservations and name blocking
· Allowing full names and wildcards pretty much as we do with domains.
· All names starting with PHP_ should be able to be reserved ( Naturally, a Super Admin should be able to add em manually )

Members (members.php)
· MVT it
· Add some more info´s like display the Avatar, User Web etc..

Option to list unverified accounts
· There is no way to see people who yet have verified their email, we need this option and info.

Reduce amount of user statuses
· Security Banned Merge with Banned only
· Canceled Merge with Deactivated

Add a setting option to force users to change their password after xx days under user settings.

Implement 2FA Login Option
· Google Authenticator ( Semi-Done )
· Implement a known source checker for placed tags done by 3dDparty image editors so defender / image_verify does not deny these images that have valid entries.
· Build an optional extra advanced layer of security for registration ( Done - Fusion Gateway )

We never had a specific Admin section for this.
· Time to build one under Content Admin
· Browse comments filter based on type ( n,b, etc ) ( Done )
· Option to remove comments or simply delete comments+user, same as forum user deletion.
· Include all comment related settings to this section and remove from settings.
· Some comment stats

Global approval system for member comments
· Many Admins have the need to preview comments posted to their sites before approving them
· Connect to the new above Comment Admin interface with the comment and an option to remove / publish
· Global setting for all comments with approval On or Off

Enable Aliases and a nice Interface for this
· Today we match per ID in the SEO Engine, if we attach this to aliases the output can be 100% user controlled without IDs, for example display dates instead etc.
· Implement set_meta('description', 'Content for current section'); as we do with titles for relevant sections.

Add a global image setting interface for allowed file types and sizes that will take over when nothing else is available.

[Private Messages]
Private messages should be encrypted.
· Message Signature
· Setting to display read or not read by receiver with date and time.
· Setting to allow / disallow the display read or not per user.
· It is not good that we bounce messages on full inboxes. Perhaps a auto sanitation system. oldest message gets deleted from the inbox when a new one arrives if the limits are breeched.

· MVT it
· Add a Admin interface with additional options, perhaps location, address, options for multiple emails ( departments etc ).

Category Image handling should be done within the Infusion
· Enable Image Upload when adding / editing Categories

Category Image handling should be done within the Infusion
· Enable Image Upload when adding / editing Categories
· Multiple Category support

Bring back old and perhaps some new CSS definitions to all sections of PHPFusion theming.
· This means a custom CSS class in all relevatant sections where one can be applied and entered to styles.css, .forum-caption .forum-index-table, .news-caption .news-index-table and so forth. ( Done )

[Theme Manager]
Make it more complete
· Crate one new Theme that is dedicated to work with ALL settings of the Theme Manager
· Advanced Background options [ http://www.colorzilla.com/gradient-editor ]
· Definable Panels width overrides
· More style overrides like Panels, sub header etc.

User fields integration
· Add the user fields to show in Forum option into the forum administration. ( Done )

Ability to move individual forum posts and make a new thread of it in a new forum of choice.
· Poster of the Post will be set as author of the new thread.
· Moderator selects subject.
· Moderator selects which new forum it belong in. ( Default to current )

Provide with a choice to have HTML or BBcode switch in forum settings.
· HTML that does not allow javascripts. We must sanitize against hidden forum post <script> tags that can send user cookie data to 3rd party site or js console / alerts, XSS etc..
· a simple str_replace('<script>', '') & str_replace('javascript:', '') can sanitize it all to be safe.

Quick Ban, Edit
· A simple way to quick ban a user from the forum (iMOD and Administrators).
· A simple way to edit user from the forum.

We need to use album_x directories in this Gallery. ( Done )
· Suggested change ( think it is how it was? ) but nevertheless, we need it. It becomes very messy to fast with out it.
· photos/ > albums/
· then in albums >
· thumbs in a thumbs dir
· album_{ID}>thumbs/
· and photo files in root
· album_{ID}>ROOT
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